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12683Re: [pouchel] Demoichelle Questions

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  • Anthony Martin
    21 avr.



      Sorry, there are maybe confusions in our last e-mails about 6060 and 6061 that are closed chemically but not mechanically. Mechanically, 6061 looks closer to 6082 than 6060…

      As I’m not an expert on these topics, here is what I can propose to you:

      Please build the list of extruded tubes you can supply locally closed the 100x50x2 original size with corresponding alloy and treatments and I’ll submit it to Daniel for eligibility.




      Le ven. 21 avr. 2017 à 09:27, Anthony Martin <antho.martin@...> a écrit :

      Please find below a link to compare the mechanical characteristics of al 6060 and 6082.

      2" x 4" x 0.093" is maybe compliant. This should be confirmed by Daniel Dalby. Then, check the impact on weight.


      Le ven. 21 avr. 2017 à 01:44, addicted2climbing@... [pouchel] <pouchel@...> a écrit :

      Hello Anthony,

      Thanks for looking into this.  It would be great to see more of these designs made in the USA.  For my camera mounts ( I have them made from custom extrusion profles that I designed.  If it ends up being too cost prohibitive for me to import the spars for my build, perhaps I can ask my vendor to extrude some for me.  100mm x 50mm x 2mm is likely a die they may already have.  However 6082 would not be possible.  Perhaps 2024 or 7075 would be close.  

      I had a look at the Values for 6061 vs 6082 and they are so similar.  Material composition is nearly identical with a bit more percentage points between the two.  Ultimate and yield tensile strength is greater on 6061.  Elongation at break is also better on 6061 so it stretches a bit more before the crack forms.  Only thing I can see as superior on 6082 is the Modulus of elasticity and even then its just a minor difference.  68.9/10000 ksi on 6061 vs 71/10000ksi on 6082.  Does this really equate to another 50kg of useful load on the wing spars?

      Perhaps 6061-T6 in a slightly larger imperial size of 4" x 2" x .093" would do the same.  I can have this made here as an extrusion.  Or possibly even find it in stock.  Maybe I could do a run of each in solidworks and see what FEA says.

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