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Yon koleksyon "istwa ayisyen" sou CD

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  • E Vedrine
    [September 24, 2001 Dear Friend, On Friday October 19, from 6 to 9PM, please join State Representative Marie Saint Fleur, Mr. Jacques Borges of FHRM (Fondation
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      [September 24, 2001

      Dear Friend,

      On Friday October 19, from 6 to 9PM, please join State Representative Marie
      Saint Fleur, Mr. Jacques Borges of FHRM (Fondation Haitienne de
      Reconnaissance du M�rite), and Professor Marc Prou (Haitian Studies
      Association) for the release of our friend Chartlot Lucien�s first CD, �Ti
      Oma�, a collection of stories in Creole that look into the often bizarre
      behavior of Haiti�s social elite.

      Bring your friends, and enjoy rare Haitian regional dishes, such as
      Tonm-Tonm and Tchaka, while listening to Gifrants and Ninon performing
      unique folkloric songs!

      The author will sign copies of his CD ($10). The event will take place at
      BAYOU CAFE, 215 FIRST ST, CAMBRIDGE, MA - Phone: 494-1115 for directions.
      Admission is free and ample parking is available. RSVP, or order your CD at:
      (617) 276-3174 781-963-7872.


      Carly Moise
      Marketing Consultant

      NB: Please forward this information to friends on your


      ��caustique, tr�s observateur, beaucoup d�humour et un grand talent pour
      construire un texte� Je proph�tise un feuilletoniste � succ�s��

      -Mona Gu�rin

      ��je vois pointer � l�horizon un conteur dont le talent semble de taille �
      reprendre et � vivifier la merveilleuse tradition laiss�e par le maitre
      genial que fut Maurice A. Sixto��

      - Ludovic Comeau Junior, Critique

      �Charlot Lucien lage yon klorat sou oraliti lang krey�l ayisyen an. Moun yo
      va rive konprann se pa �koul�� ki f� moun nan lavi a; men se moun ki bay
      lavi a �koul��. Z�v sa a, se yon teyat vivan, yon boulpik pou edikasyon p�p
      Ayisyen� Mwen damou fou kouri pou moso �Estrateji Epid�mik la��

      -Jan Mapou, ekriven, libr�


      Ti Oma -
      An eight year old boy is brought in an upper middle class family is
      Port-au-Prince to help with housework. There he is subjected to the family�s
      abusive treatments. They reluctantly agrees to let him attend a poor
      school, so that he can master basic reading skills that will enable him to
      do grocery shopping and collect changes. To the family's shock, Ti Oma's
      story takes a surprising twist when, despite the beatings and the insults,
      he moves ahead of the family's children to complete higher education�

      Manto Tropikal -
      Barzol reports to Coriolan on a classy lady that he just met at a diplomatic
      reception in Port-au-Prince. The lady, wearing a fur coat under the
      90-degree heat, played into Barzol's playful questioning and proudly
      volunteered that she sometimes travels to Miami to clean her precious coat.
      To woman moved to give Barzol a piece of her mind when she realized that
      Barzol has been making fun of her all along�

      Maitre Monplaisir Tribun, Senateur de la Republique
      Also, Strategie Epidermique de Classe.

      Monplaisir Tribun is noted as a young man with key attributes to make him a
      good recruit for the establishment: the adequate liquidity to adopt any
      shape as needed, and the necessary flexibility to bend in whatever direction
      indicated by the leaders. He is coached by his mentors into adopting "la
      strategie epidermique de classe" (class epidermic strategy), a
      "revolutionary concept" designed to preserve the ethno-sociologic fabric of
      the Haitian society, where the mulattos enjoy too much privileges, according
      the strategists of "the class". Senator Monplaisir will learn to his
      detriment, the painful reality behind the strategy. He will precipitously
      seek a safer place in the Diaspora after he clashes with a prominent
      official in the course of applying the strategy. There, he suddenly
      proclaims himself a victim of the regime and a leader of the opposition�
      This story also provides a glimpse at the story of Casal, a little known
      region in the Western mountains, where the descendants of Napoleons' Poland
      soldiers still live.]

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