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Professeur de FLE- en Xi'an Chine

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    Xi an International Language School Job description We, the Xi an International Language School in Xi an / Shaanxi- Province, look for one French teacher, who
    Message 1 de 1 , 3 févr. 2007
      Xi'an International Language School

      Job description

      We, the Xi'an International Language School in Xi'an / Shaanxi-
      Province, look for one French teacher, who interest has, from
      March/April 2007 for one year or longer come to Xi'an, China, for
      teach foreign language in our school.

      About our School:
      The Xi'an International Language School lies south of the historical
      city walls and is housed in a modern two-story building. The school
      has a central information office, a library with self-learning
      material, a student common room, a computer room with ten computers
      connected to the internet, a room for functions, as well as a fully-
      equipped kitchen. In the summer, the courtyard with its many plants,
      and the roof terrace add their open spaces to the premises.

      Xi'an International Language School works together very narrowly with
      international House Freiburg, and will also apply for the membership
      of International House World Organisation.

      About Xi'an:

      Xi'an, called Chang'an in the past, is one of the cradles of human
      civilization and Chinese nation. Xi'an lies in the heart of China and
      used to be the starting point of the Silk Road. In ancient times the
      caravans set out from here westwards. In Han and Tang, Xi'an is the
      hub for the country's politic, economy, culture and foreign exchange.
      The ancient and mysterious Xi'an, with a city history 3,100 years and
      a capital history of 1,100 years, has inherited profuse historical
      relics and cultural heritages.

      "In the West, the people have Rome and in the Orient, we have
      Xi'an". This is a popular saying reflecting the historical status of
      Xi'an. The famous Terra-cotta Warriors is also in Xi'an.

      Today, with booming economy and inviting scenery, Xi'an has become a
      destination for international visitors. A permanent synonym for the
      long history of China, Xi'an is also a current proponent of
      modernity, internationalization, market economy, humanity, and
      ecological protection. You are cordially invited to our experience
      history, culture, and modern life in Xi'an. Cordial welcome to Xi'an,
      to Xi'an International Language School!

      We offer:

      • Works and lives in one of China's culture-richest and most
      attractive cities.

      • An employment contract for one year or longer with 25 hours
      France-lessons per week, (1 hour à 45 min) with 5,500 RMB salary for
      one month.

      • The takeover of a single flight; if the stay is longer than
      one year, then return.

      • 15 paid vacation days, (three weeks, time period after
      agreement) + 10 paid holidays.

      • Free accommodation in the near of the school. Two teachers
      live in a fully furnished apartment, with own bedroom and common
      living room, kitchen and bathrooms.

      • A good work atmosphere.

      • Good surroundings of the school and apartment. Hairdresser,
      laundry, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospital, fitness studio,
      swimming pool etc, is very simply and fast to reach.

      • Very good and cheap traffic binding. The city center with bus
      or taxi is within 10 minutes. The bus costs 10 cents, taxi 15 cents /

      • Unlimited entrance ticket for one year for many sights and
      nature and amusement park in Xi'an and surroundings. (for example
      city wall, big Mosque…)

      • Excursion possibilities with students on the weekend.

      • To learn Chinese for free in the school.

      We expect:

      • With teaching experience as a foreign language teacher for

      • Autonomous formation and fulfillment of the lesson, sometimes
      with focuses on the language examination.

      • Fulfillment of grading tests and final tests.

      • If there are not sufficiently students at the beginning, the
      teacher can help the school for the advertisement, for example
      a "foreign language evening", French corner, school open day, small
      lectures or seminar about the life or the study in France…

      Application period: until 23. February 2007


      You can find more Information about Xi'an and our school on our

      The costs of living are low in Xi'an (Man can save much at the costs
      of living. In the restaurant costs a favorable meal only from one
      Euro. For 150 Euro for one month you can in Xi'an comfortably live,
      if you only buys the necessary and not too often go to the western

      The food in Xi'an is very famous and is also estimated very much by
      Europeans. Matthias and Oliver can confirm this: -)

      From Xi'an, you can very simply, comfortably and favorably take the
      train or fly to each place in China.

      You can contact with Mr. Peng Su. Email: supeng@... or

      We look forward to your application

      Xi'an International Language School
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