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Fwd : Srebrenica and honesty

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    Message 1 de 1 , 5 janv. 2005

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      De: "Julie Wornan" <juliewornan@...>  Afficher infos contact 

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      Objet : Srebrenica and honesty

      Date : Tue, 4 Jan 2005 23:04:53 +0100

      Dear Mr Chomsky,

      I am always happy to read the sensible things you say about US policy,
      and Palestine. But your position on some other subjects leaves me

      In an interview conducted by Junaid Alam and published in Left Hook,
      December 17, 2004
      ( )

      you wrote,

      "Srebrenica was an enclave, lightly protected by UN forces, which was
      used as a base for attacking nearby Serb villages. It was known that
      going to be retaliation. When there was a retaliation, it was vicious.
      trucked out all the women and children, they kept the men inside, and
      apparently slaughtered them. ...."

      Surely, you know that the attacks on the Serb villages were themselves
      retaliation for the Serbian siege of Srebrenica. Thousands of Bosnian
      Muslims from the surrounding villages had been driven from their homes
      Serbian terror squads. They fled to Srebrenica, whose population was
      multiplied several times and subject to siege resulting in much hunger
      deprivation. If "retaliation" sweetens or almost-condones or at least
      explains the Serbian atrocities, why don't the Bosnian Muslim attacks
      Serb villages deserve the same perspective? Moreover, if "retaliation"
      accounts, in part, for the Serbian impulse to murder Muslims, why do
      neglect to mention the "ethnic cleansing" that was Serbian policy from
      start of the war - from the first Serbian attack on peaceful protesters
      Sarajevo? Does that motive suddenly disappear when "retaliation" can
      blamed? (It makes me think of the way Israeli attacks on Palestinian
      populations are usually billed as "retaliation" for some incident,
      in the global context it's clearly Israeli policy to terrorize these
      so as to reduce their will to resist the occupation, or incite them to
      their bags). - And when you say "*apparently* slaughtered them", you
      seem to
      imply that there are grounds for doubt - despite the mass graves and so
      survivors' accounts. Have 8000 men and boys been hiding in the woods
      for 9

      I cannot believe you are ignorant of the facts about Srebrenica and the
      Yugoslavian wars. You've devoted your life to uncovering hypocrisy and
      dispelling ignorance. So how am I to understand your bias in this

      Julie Wornan
      (member of Americans Against the War, France - website: )
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