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11072The Classified Newsletter ~ 12/6/17

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      The Classified Newsletter Is Here for you and Your Groups!

      The Classified Newsletter is an advertising newsletter that is sent out weekly.

       We advertise yahoo groups, Google groups, blog sites, and website’s

      If you have a group/groups and would like to advertise with The Classifieds send an email to

      The Classified Newsletter   

      You must be willing to forward the advertisement to your group/groups.

      I looking forward to helping you advertise your group/groups.

      Let’s Get Moving

      This group will Move you thru the winding streets of animation,

      Teaching you different technique along the way. There’s so

      Much to explore. So, Move in with us for a while. You’ll be glad

      You did. Must have Animation Shop Experienced PSP’ers only.


      †/*~*God's Own*~*\†/*

      God's Own is an email family of caring Christians  who

      Love the Lord and want to glorify Him. We are a "G" rated

      Only group and have a wide variety to offer you including

      Devotions, caring & sharing, praise & prayer, games, tags,

      And music shares, to name just a few. .  We also share

      Things that are happening in our world and how it relates

      To us, especially as believers. No required sends, but you

      Are encouraged to join in.  Come and get to know us,

      You'll be glad you did! 


      ~ BIBLE TRIVIA ~

      Join us to learn more about God's Word in a simple, fun, weekly trivia game!

      This group is a low volume, G-rated, closed-member list that anyone can join!

      Only the owner sends to the list...with a max of 4 emails per week, except for

      Special announcements or ads. You receive 10 questions per week, ranging from easy to hard, with hints also ranging from easy to hard. All participants receive prize tags at the end of the week, whether answers are right or wrong. The goal is not to see how smart you are, but rather to give you the opportunity for study and learning simple facts about God's Word. Members are not required to play weekly.


      ~ Cutie's Creations ~

      This group's purpose is solely to receive my weekly tag and header offers.

      Instead of receiving them through other groups that may go on vacation,

      Close down for certain parts of the year, or if you go on hold in those groups,

      You've come straight to the source. Low mail volume, as I'm the only one

      Sending. I also have an Always List that only members can join.


      4 All That Glitters

      This is a Non IncrediMail Sharing and Snagging Group.

      The only thing that is shared here are


      So if you love Glitz and Glam this is the group for you!!!

      This IS NOT a Tag Request group.

      All you need to do is SIT BACK SHARE AND SNAG

      We are a "G" rated group.

      There won't be any sharing of anything AC, SAC or Goth

      We hope to see you here and SNAG WHAT is SHARED!

      And SHARE as WELL!!!!



      This group is for those who would like to collect a variety of Incredimail Letters.

      We will also be sharing Extras, Blinkies, Desk Top Themes, Recipes, Etc.

      There will be no sharing of AC, Satanic, Goth, Twilight, Vampires. There are

      Only two of us sharing. The amount we share each day will vary.


      A Big World Made Interesting for PSP

      This group is now pretty much dormant. Once in a while a share may come through to the group but mostly we are here for the group permissions that are listed in our database. We are copyright and trademark aware. No IM Stationery shared or used – Very Low Volume as only the Owner will share here from time to time.

      A Holiday Graphics Group

      A place that shares only holiday, seasonal and occasions like birthdays and

      Anniversary graphics year round. We share tubes, extras, tags, IM Stats, etc.

      It's G Rated and lots of fun.


      A Magical Kingdom of Sharing N Friends

      NON INCREDIMAIL Sharing and Snagging Group.

      We share G rated BlankTags, Extras and Comp Sets, Clip Art, Tubes, Masks,Signature Tags, Alphas etc. NO SAC or Goth. Family Group - High Volume at times -  See Home Page for More Information. Weekend Sharing is at a minimum as this is family time.


      A Magical Kingdom of Stats N Fun

      Incredimail NEEDED This is an INCREDIMAIL SHARING

      AND SNAGGING GROUP Members encouraged to share.

      "G" Rated  High Volume Group See Home Page for More Information

      Sharing on the weekends are at a minimum as this is family time.


      A Magical Kingdom of Tags

      Are you a Siggy Piggy? Do you like to see tags with your

      Name? Do you collect tags? Our MANY TAGGERS offer you

      a wide variety of tags from Cute, Pretty, Glitter and Sparkles,

      Dolls, Pink, Furbabies and Animals,  Animated and non animated.

      Many are exclusive to this group. Offers will be left open for

      24 hours or more. No SAC or Goth - Family Friendly. See

      Home Page for More Information. Always Looking for NEW TAGGERS


      A Tube A Day

      Tube A Day, It's PSP/IM, we send out 5 tubes on

      Monday, members create with them all week

      And share their results. It's fun to see all the

      Unique creations, but with the same tubes. Also TUT




      Are you addicted to PSP? Do you love creating? Then

      this is the place for you! A place to share everything to

      do with PSP. Masks, fonts, tubes, tags, gradients, tuts.

      If it works with PSP....then it can be shared here.


      ADI Forum

      Group for ADI customers and ADI artists



      This group is for those who love Jesus Christ and love to go to him in prayer.

      The Lord said, "Where two or more are gathered together, He is in their midst".

      We also laugh, cry, play a few games, and just be a family.



      Family Group of creators stationary incredimail diffusion.You must have Incredimail. No AC. Low volume. No participation.

      Ceci est un groupe familial de diffusion de créateurs de lettres pour Incrédimail.

      Incrédimail obligatoire. Pas de AC. Aucune participation requise.



      Psp group who love challenges and sharing -

      Participation once a week mandatory.....No


      allowed --Christian- family friendly group....


      All About Fantasy

      Are you interested in joining an Incredimail group that

      shares ONLY FANTASY? Join my new group and that's all

      you will get. Wizards, elves, dragons, fairies, unicorns,

      hobbits, TV/movies about fantasy. Stats, tubes, graphics,

      tag offers, and extras can be shared as well. SAC only

      allowed. All dreamers are welcome!


      All Animals Have Souls Too   

      welcome to my group where ONLY paintshop

      pro and photoshop related animals are shared. Photos, ani's, blinkies, tubes,

      tags, graphics, even links to these are acceptable.


      All Christmas

      Do you love Christmas? Then this is the place for you. Let's share everything

      to do with the Christmas holiday. Recipes, crafts, tags, tubes....anything to

      do with this wonderful, fun holiday. IM not required but we will be sharing IM



      All Creative Minds

      All-Creative-Minds is a group where we will share our creations and also

      try tuts from ours and others tut writers. No AC or Gothic please!!



      Welcome to All-in-Bloom! Flowers,scenery and nature only.

      Please join me and lets share God's beautiful scenery. I love

      Flowers and anything that blooms. I missed my flower group.

      So join me and let's share Flowers,scenery and nature. There

      are more groups for funny and cute I have them myself, but

      here let's stick to Flowers and nature. Family Friendly only,

      and Incredimail must be used.


      Alpha Addictions

      Are you an Alpha Addict, join others with the same affliction.

      We share alphas, New and older and offer alpha tags. Our

      rules are on the home page come check us out. We have

      3 fantastic Alpha Taggers waiting for members to request.



      A fun group created to share all your alphas. We will be

      having daily themes and free weekends. We look forward

      to seeing you in our group. Taggers needed. So come on

      in if your as hooked on alphas as we are!!


      Alphas By Monica

      Only Monica’s alphas shared. Once a week a request can

      be made from Monica’s alpha’s from the previous week. 

      Come join me if you like my alphas.


      Always Incredible Scrolling Letters

      We are a mother and daughter team who design and share the new

      Scrolling & Inline Incredimail Letters. We love romantic, sophisticated and

      fantasy styles and will share them all with you. You MUST have Incredimail

      to join and you must have your Yahoo settings set at Traditional Mail.

      Low Volume Group.


      Animal Tagz

      This tag group only offers wildlife or domestic animal tags

      including horses, tigers, cats, dogs, birds, lions, farm

      animals, unicorns, Pegasus, sea life, fish, butterflies...

      anything with an animal in it.  Taggers - do you like making

      tags with this theme? Join and either collect tags, offer

      tags, or both! No AC or SAC allowed.


      Animation Shop Basics

      Come learn basic animation techniques. This is a go at your own pace group.

      No Mods, no minimum requirements! Lessons in the files section of the home page. Go to the link for this group and read the description. Hope to see you there!


      Arlette's Fun Halloween Recipes

      An all year round group for exclusively Halloween recipes,

      like spooky cakes, scary cats and bats cupcakes, Spooky