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3422Colosse de Pierre remasterisé !!

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  • Benoît Dumeaux
    23 juin

    Bien cool tout ça.

    Bon on regrettera de ne pas avoir des Colosse mineur pour aller avec les To-tanem plus que seulement un aspect pour pour le Hiérarque.


    The Stone Colossus returns, remastered!


    Fri, Jun 23, 2017: Stone Colossus

    The Stone Colossus has always been a tricky model for us - at over 5 inches tall and made of solid metal, the production cost was extremely high. Not to mention, it was difficult to assemble, and more than a little top-heavy once put together. Well, at last we have found a solution that we are happy with - we have partnered with On The Lamb Games (experts at resin miniature production) to make an improved version of the original sculpt.

    So what is different? The new Colossus has been remastered from the original sculpture, but is now lighter, less expensive, and with less pieces to assemble! We've made the feet a permanent connection to the base, and also connected the model at the waist - this means that the finished model on the tabletop will be MUCH more durable. For those who are worried about the detail, the moldmaker did a superb job mastering the sculpture, and the resin castings actually have less distortion than the earlier metal castings. And did we mention that it is now less expensive? We're now able to sell this for $49.95, that is $10 less than the metal casting.

    For those who still want a metal casting, we do have a few remaining in the store, but once they are gone then the metal version of the model will be permanently retired.

    The new Stone Colossus is available HERE.

    The new parts:

    Stone Colossus parts