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URGENT AVANT LE 6 AOUT 2009 : STOP à la course suicide d e Omak !!

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  • mérinos
    Prochaine cruauté : le 6 Aout 2009 La course suicide de Omak est la partie la plus dégoûtante du Omak Stampede, un rodéo qui se tient dans une petite ville
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      Prochaine cruauté : le 6 Aout 2009 La course suicide de Omak est la partie la plus dégoûtante du Omak Stampede, un rodéo qui se
      tient dans une petite ville dans l'est de Washington depuis 1935. La...

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      Merci d'envoyer les deux mails ci-dessous.

      Le premier est adressé au Maire de cette ville et aux organisateurs, le deuxième est à copier/coller sur le formulaire de contact de
      Pepsi qui est un des sponsors de cette cruelle course

      MAIL 1

      Merci d'envoyer aux adresses mails ci-dessous :


      CC : pete.palmer@..., stampede@...

      Voici la lettre type à envoyer :


      Cindy Gagne, Mayor of Omak
      2 North Ash Street
      PO Box 72
      Omak, WA 98841

      Dear Mayor Gagne:

      I am writing to you regarding the Omak Suicide Horse Race. This event of the Omak Stampede is surely a “business draw” for your
      community. Sadly, however, the money and entertainment value come from cruelty and inhumane exploitation of horses.

      Pitbull fighting has been banned from all 50 states due to the inhumane and gruesome exploitation of dogs. The Suicide Race is much
      like the pitbull fighting in its cruel use of horses.

      I urge you to be a leader and change your community’s direction. Many people are learning about this gore-seeking, pointless event
      called the Suicide Race. Your community will be under scrutiny and will have to answer the question: why sponsor an event that
      brings out the cruel, thrill-seeking, ugly side of humanity? This Suicide Race, by name, is selling death for thrills; this is NOT
      an American value nor a Native American value.

      Please consider ways to transition your community away from the distorted and shameful focus on gore and cruelty that is the Suicide
      Race to truly honorable and respectable FAMILY entertainment. There are other options for drawing business to your community.

      Thank you for your consideration, and I would appreciate a response.




      MAIL 2

      Cliquez sur le lien donné plus bas

      Mettez "Comment regarding a promotion" puis en haut cliquez sur "International", remplissez avec vos coordonnées puis copier/coller
      la lettre type donnée plus bas

      Formulaire de contact : <>

      Lettre type à copier/coller :


      It has come to my attention that PepsiCo, Inc., is a sponsor of the Omak Suicide Race and Stampede held in Omak, Washington; perhaps
      you were unaware, but this is an inherently cruel event that has caused the death of 20 horses and injuries to dozens more. As such,
      I respectfully request that Pepsi severe any relationship it has with this violent "attraction".

      Please allow me to elaborate. Horses are ridden at high speed to a steep drop, unable to see ahead or to prepare for what they
      encounter. At a 62-degree angle, the almost-vertical 225-foot drop leads to the deep, rushing, dangerous waters of the Okanogan
      River. Following the crossing of the river, any horses who have not been immobilized, seriously injured, or killed are pushed to run
      up another steep incline. (

      This description cannot adequately illustrate the dangerous conditions to which the horses are subjected. Furthermore, it most
      certainly lacks the ability to describe the terror felt by these sentient beings, forced to endure unquestionably fearful conditions
      at high speeds; this is the epitome of suffering and exploitation unnecessarily caused by humans for trivial entertainment.

      Surely Pepsi would want to choose the responsible, compassionate decision to discontinue sponsoring this event, and you may be
      interested to know that both Wal-Mart and Crown Royal have already decided to end their sponsorship of this cruelty. Indeed, Pepsi
      should be concerned with what message it is portraying when it sponsors animal cruelty; one would expect Pepsi would be unwilling to
      participate in any effort that causes such harm to sentient beings. Furthermore, consumers of Pepsi would be shocked to learn that
      Pepsi sponsors such animal abuse and would promote a Pepsi boycott as the result of such.

      Please establish Pepsi as a company unwilling to support animal cruelty and cease your sponsorship of the Omak Suicide Race and

      Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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